Ten facts you may not know about hearing loss

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All this week is Deaf Awareness Week and recent studies suggest that people wait on average 10 years before seeking help for their hearing loss. The earlier your hearing loss is detected, the sooner it can be treated and the sooner you can enjoy a better quality of life again.

To highlight the prevalence of hearing loss in the UK, here at our London ENT Unit we have put together a list of interesting facts and statistics that you may not be aware of.

Hearing loss facts:

  • 1 in 6 of the UK adult population is affected by hearing loss.
  • If a person is unable to hear a sound below 25 decibels in at least one ear during a hearing test they are suffering from ‘hearing loss’.
  • ‘Deafness’ is classified as ‘profound hearing loss’ where the minimum sound a person can hear during a hearing test is 96 decibels.
  • It is estimated that approximately 11 million people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss, making it the second most common disability.
  • Around 40% of people over 50 in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss.
  • A recent study found that there are around 4 million people in the UK who could benefit from using a hearing aid who do not currently use them.
  • There are 50,000 children with hearing loss in the UK. Approximately half are born with hearing loss while the other half lose their hearing during childhood.
  • A study by the charity ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ estimated that there are at least 24,000 people across the UK who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their main language.
  • A 12-year study conducted by the neurology department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in America found that untreated hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia.
  • The two most common causes for hearing loss are noise and natural age progression.

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