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Symptoms of Breast Disease that shouldn’t be ignored with Ms Veronica Grassi

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, affecting one in eight women in the UK.

Ms Veronica Grassi, leading Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at The Breast Unit, outlines the signs and symptoms to look out for and details the importance of seeing your GP or Breast Specialist.

Breast related complaints are a common reason to book an appointment with your GP, with the majority of women experiencing breast related conditions at some point in their life. Symptoms may range from breast pain, lumps and bumps, nipple discharges or skin changes.

More commonly than not, these signs and symptoms are due to non serious conditions, but it’s extremely important that if you do notice changes that are not normal for you, to make an appointment with your GP or see a Breast Specialist.

It’s crucial that women attend breast cancer screening programmes, because if cancer is detected at an early stage the chances of making a full recovery are high. The NHS currently offers mammograms every 3 years to women aged 50-71.

See your GP or Breast Specialist if you notice any of the below symptoms:

• If you’re a woman aged 30 years and older and you notice a discrete lump that persists after your next period.
• Persistent focal area of lumpiness or focal change in your breast texture.
• Progressive change in breast size with signs of oedema skin distortion (swelling).
• Previous history of breast cancer with a new lump or suspicious symptoms.
• Nipple changes such as pulling inward, a bloodstained discharge, or an eczema-type rash that doesn’t respond to steroid treatment.
• A lump that does not meet above criteria below the age of 30.
• Have a swollen lymph node in the armpit.
• Inflammation of the breast that doesn’t respond to Antibiotics.
• Male patient over age of 50 with unilateral firm sub areolar mass and/or nipple discharge or associated skin changes (suspicious breast lump).
• Breast lump in a male patient that does not meet the above criteria from age 18.

The Breast Unit

The Breast Unit located at our leading Hospital consists of a multi-disciplinary team led by leading Consultants and nurses dedicated to providing ultimate personalised care.

The unit offers state-of-the-art facilities, diagnosis and treatment of all breast conditions. From the initial diagnosis to the most complex Oncoplastic breast reconstructive surgical intervention, our breast surgeons’ work in partnership with colleagues across imaging and pathology to ensure patients are seen and investigated at the same appointment.

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We have six expert Breast Consultants including Ms Veronica Grassi available for appointments. For appointments and enquires please email breastunit@hje.org.uk or call 020 3370 1041.

Flexible appointment times are available.

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