National Lockdown update:  Our Hospital is still fully open for appointments and admissions, however visitors are not permitted. To keep you safe we have strict measures in place, read more about these here. To make an outpatient appointment, please call: 0207 806 4060.

Do NOT visit the Hospital if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Please visit the Track and Trace website.

Patient Information

Here you’ll find key information for patients coming to our Hospital for treatment, accommodation, facilities and making an appointment.

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Accommodation & Facilities

Accommodation & Facilities

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth is one of the largest and best equipped independent hospitals in the UK. We have an extensive range of specialist outpatient clinics, private general practitioner services and over 60 patient beds in single rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom.

Hospital Nurses

Coming into Hospital

We recognise that for everyone coming into hospital it can be a stressful and an unnerving experience. At the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth we are committed to the welfare of all our patients and you will find all staff will work hard to ensure your stay with us is a positive experience.

Patient Information

Payment Information

Our procedures for settling accounts whether you are a self-pay, insured or sponsored patient.


All staff are trained to respect the privacy of our patients. Any information disclosed to medical, nursing or administrative staff is treated in confidence at all times.

Quality Assurance

We have a robust governance framework that is committed to maintaining the Hospital’s high standards.

Patient Questionnaires

We are always looking for ways to improve our service. We are committed to nothing less than achieving an excellent standard of care.


Patient Reported Outcome Measures

PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) is a questionnaire designed to help us measure and improve our quality of care.


Watch some of our patient stories here and find out about their experiences with us.

"Our patients' health is paramount. Therefore we make sure that every aspect of the hospital is of the utmost quality."

Caroline Fox - CEO

Getting A Second Opinion

Getting A Second Opinion

Often, a second opinion can give you more information, or a greater understanding about your diagnosis and well as providing peace of mind for yourself or a family member. When considering advanced treatment options a second opinion allows you to ask any additional questions or explore your diagnosis with a second professional. With over 500 expert Consultants, The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth offers swift and specialist diagnosis and treatment when you need it.

Benefits Of A Second Opinion

  • You may be unhappy with the treatment options that have been recommended to you
  • You may have unanswered questions or doubts about your diagnosis or treatment
  • The information that has been given to you in unclear or feels incomplete
  • You have been told you are unable to have a certain treatment or that there is not a suitable option for you
  • Your condition has returned or you are unsatisfied with the treatment you received

When Should I Get A Second Opinion

Out expert Consultants and Physicians are on hand to offer expert advice at any time from diagnosis to treatment. You may have been diagnosed and would like to seek a second opinion to explore your options or you may have started treatment and would like to ask additional questions or receive recommendations. Even after treatment, our team are available to provide you with advice on after care, on going treatment or therapies you may wish to explore.

I Have Questions Or Concerns About The Treatment I Have Been Recommended

Asking for a second opinion is a common way to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind before under going treatment. Both private and NHS patients often seek a second opinion to ask additional questions or confirm the options they have already been given. Our Consultants provide clear and concise diagnosis and treatment options for patients with consulting time to ensure peace of mind and full understanding.

Can This Aid My Insurance Cover Or Employer

If there is an issue with insurance cover or questions from your employer, a second opinion can assist by providing you with more information to settle any disagreements regarding payment for a treatment or disputes around a Consultant leading treatment. Please get in touch to find out more.

How Can I Be Referred For A Second Opinion

If you would like a second opinion at any time of diagnosis or treatment your GP can refer you to one of our specialists or you can get in touch with us directly.

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