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Hospital Heroes – November 2019

Hospital Heroes

At the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, we take huge pride in the amazing work of our team and their dedication to our mantra: Putting People First.

We have over 570 people working for us across 41 departments and consider each and every one integral to the smooth running of the hospital. In the coming months, we’ll be meeting lots of them for a quick chat about what their work entails, why they enjoy it and what it is that appeals to them about caring for patients.

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Elton John Travasso, Chef de Partie

The team here is very nice, I really like them. I’ve worked in many places, but I like the team here the most. In the past, I would usually change job every year, but I’ve been here two years now as a Chef de Partie.

I’ve brought many menus here; my own style. Chicken Biryani is my favourite and I’ve started making bread here also. I do lots of things; new styles. I make it, give it to the chef and if he passes it, it goes on the menu. I get nice comments from the staff. I like those because it means they like my taste.

There are five chefs who cook and two who are in charge, they need to pass the plating. If it is no good, they’ll cancel the order. We make a few hundred meals a day, but only 50 or so are for patients. On Christmas Day we make a special effort. We enjoy doing it, it’s very fast in the kitchen as all the staff are getting a free meal. It’s like a party. We enjoy it. It’s very fast, fast, fast. Everyone is working like a team.

Jack Skodlarski, Security

I’ve been working here for 12 years. I like this place. I actually started in a different position, I was a porter. Later, I made the badge for security and I’ve been doing this for five years. The team is great, the atmosphere is different here, you know? It’s a private hospital, the atmosphere is very nice. It’s a quiet place and there’s very little trouble – which makes my life easier!

Lilly Smith, Recruitment Coordinator

I’ve been working at the hospital for two and a bit years. I’m the recruitment coordinator, which means I book in interviews throughout the hospital for all of the different jobs that are going; mainly the non-clinical positions. Then, when people get offered a job, I onboard them when they start.

The people are dead nice here. And I like meeting new people. One of the things I enjoy most is bumping into them around the hospital, from the hiring managers to new starters. I find solving recruitment problems really rewarding and also seeing the new starters flourish in their role. It’s the people that make this place.

Keep checking back each month for more updates in our Hospital Heroes series.

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