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Hospital Heroes – March 2020 (Pt.2)

Hospital Heroes

At the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, we take huge pride in the amazing work of our team and their dedication to our mantra: Putting People First.

We have over 570 people working for us across 41 departments and consider each and every one integral to the smooth running of the hospital. In the coming months, we’ll be meeting lots of them for a quick chat about what their work entails, why they enjoy it and what it is that appeals to them about caring for patients.

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Richard Arnold, Ambulance Driver

I love it here because we offer proper palliative care, you have time to speak with the patients and give them the care that they deserve. They love it as well.

We try and make journeys in the ambulance as comfortable for them as possible, that includes playing classical music, driving safely and slowly…not rushing.

We’ve had a couple of weddings where the Hospice has hosted the reception and we’ve taken people to the wedding itself; people who are close to the end of their life. It’s been a fantastic experience to see them with all their friends and family. You’re making a difference in their lives. We’re not just a taxi service, we’re a proper palliative care service.

Victoria Hatcher, Head of Marketing & Fundraising

I came here because of the link to St John’s Hospice. It felt purposeful and at the same time the clinical outcomes here are very good. When I came for my interviews and was waiting in the reception, people would always ask me if I wanted a cup of tea. It immediately made an impression on me. It’s like a friendly haven in central London.

As Head of Marketing, my job is to make sure that we look and sound our best and that we’re getting patients through the door by promoting the great services, staff and Consultants that we offer. It’s also important that we raise as much money as possible to fundraise the work of the Hospice – I have a Fundraising team to work on this.

Our rebrand has represented an opportunity to think about how we currently present ourselves to the outside world and to firm up how we want to talk to our patients, our staff, our consultants and our benefactors in the future. We did a lot of research before we chose the new logos and style. It was important to understand how people really felt about us before we tried to convey that visually. They all spoke of our community feel and the link to the Hospice, so we’ve made the brands far more closely aligned, yet maintained our heritage angle as it’s so important to our ethos. I’m looking forward to unveiling them to everyone.

Eusebio ‘Sunny’ Vilasan, Chef de Partie

I’m a chef de partie and I’ve been here for 12 years. My job is to cover for whoever has a day off. If the sous chef is off, I cover. If the pastry chef is off, I cover. That’s my job, to cover all the chefs in the kitchen.

I cook all the menus we do here. And I’ve studied about diet so I’m able to cook for all the needs of the patients, whether they are gluten-free, dairy-free, whatever. If they want vegetarian, vegan or halal meals, I can cook it for them.

The team is very supportive. We have a new executive chef, he’s very supportive of everyone and is able to provide everything we need to make our jobs easier. He’s also willing to educate us and share his ideas so that we’re able to improve.

I receive a lot of compliments. But I also like feedback when things aren’t so good so that we can continue to improve our service and develop the best service for all.

Keep checking back each month for more updates in our Hospital Heroes series.

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