National Lockdown update:  Our Hospital is still fully open for appointments and admissions, however visitors are not permitted. To keep you safe we have strict measures in place, read more about these here. To make an outpatient appointment, please call: 0207 806 4060.

Do NOT visit the Hospital if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Please visit the Track and Trace website.


Home of British Athletics

Hospital News

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth is proud to have been chosen by British Athletics to continue our position as medical HQ for their track and field athletics. It is an honour that we have held for the past four years and we are delighted to continue to support of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The Hospital has a reputation for excellence in Orthopaedics, as well as the latest equipment and technologies to speed diagnosis and treatment whilst maintaining our high standards of care. London Imaging, our radiology unit, is a state of the art digital facility and in the last two years we have pioneered the use of the latest generation of MRI and CT scanners.

Staffed by expert Consultant Radiologists and Radiographers, London Imaging offers a friendly and efficient service, with most results available within 24 hours.

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