Casualty First is now open on an appointment only basis, Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. To book an appointment, click here.

We are offering Outpatient appointments. In many cases these can be conducted virtually. To make an appointment, please call: 0207 806 4060.

Do NOT visit the Hospital if you have any flu like symptoms. Please self-isolate and visit NHS 111 online. Click here for the latest information.


Ensure your child is all set for school this September

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For those with children the new term means that we must swap parasols for packed lunches, sun hats for school books, and sangria for the school run.

Whilst the new school year may signify a return to peace and quiet for some parents, for others, the onset of September means the return of coughs and colds, the chance of chicken pox and playground bumps and bruises.

Send your child off to school safe in the knowledge that they are as prepared as they can be to fight off the many pesky illnesses that are passed round the classroom.

Here at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth our dedicated Paediatric Unit is on hand to help you and your family get through the oncoming school year.

This article will focus on four paediatric services our Hospital offers; vaccinations, our walk-in urgent care clinic, same day paediatric specialists and our routine health check-ups.

Future protection… vaccinations

Vaccination is the most important thing we can do to protect our children against ill health.

At the Paediatric Unit we offer all major paediatric vaccinations from the routine schedules, overseas schedules, travel vaccinations and extras like the Chicken Pox, flu and HPV vaccines. Our Paediatricians and our Paediatric Advanced Practitioner can provide an appointment at a time to suit you and your family’s needs. Our team will answer your questions with in depth knowledge and confidence. They will help you provide the best protection for your children, here and abroad.

Book a vaccination for your child

You can call to speak with one of our paediatric specialists on 0207 0783 831 or email the unit directly on paediatrics@hje.org.uk to make an appointment.

Something urgent? Don’t hesitate…  Visit us today

Whilst break-time may be the highlight of the day for many of our youngsters at school, the school playground can at times be a hazardous place.  If your child comes home from school with a bump, bruise or break that you would like to get examined by a medical professional, our fast-track walk-in urgent care centre ‘Casualty First’ is on hand to help.

Casualty First is located at the front entrance of the Hospital and treats a whole host of paediatric illnesses and injuries. If your child is in need of a rapid medical diagnosis this school year make sure our walk-in clinic is your first port of call.

In an emergency please phone 999 or go straight to your local A&E without delay.

Book a same day appointment for your child

You could also book a same day emergency appointment with one of our fully qualified Paediatricians or Paediatric nurses. Our specialist Paediatric Outpatients provides a supportive, secure and child friendly environment for any concern you have.

They are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and can be reached directly via 0207 0783 831. For non-urgent queries you can email the team at paediatrics@hje.org.uk


Everyday troubles – Routine health and development check-ups

They may be bubbling balls of energy that never seem to tire, but even the most active of children should have a regular health check-up each school year.  Good health care helps create a good foundation for growth and development.

Our leading Paediatric unit offers check-ups and advice:

  • Head to toe physical examination at every consultation
  • Developmental concerns
  • Bet wetting
  • Rashes
  • Allergies
  • Tummy Aches that won’t go away
  • Night time cough
  • Eczema/Asthma
  • Anxiety
  • Needle Phobias
  • Blood tests
  • Travel needs
  • Immunisations

Our Paediatric Unit offers same- day or pre-booked appointments with top Paediatricians and our Paediatric Advanced Practitioner. We provide specialised care treating a wide range of conditions in children from birth to 16 years. The Unit provides a supportive, secure and child friendly environment for comprehensive care for the child and family. For appointments and enquires please contact the team by calling 0207 0783 831 or by emailing paediatrics@hje.org.uk.