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Revolutionary CT Scanner Installed At the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth

Hospital News

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth has become the first private hospital in the UK to install the Toshiba Aquilion ONE Genesis Edition.

The key features of the new CT scanner are its ability in cardiac scans to achieve the best possible image quality at the lowest radiation dose of any CT scanner available today. The cutting edge technology will monitor a patient’s heart rate and take the scan in the phase of the heart beat which allows for the heart to be as still as possible, achieving unparalleled image quality and resolution. Should a patient’s heart have an abnormal rhythm the scanner will automatically wait until the next normal heart beat before taking the images, allowing for the lowest possible radiation dose – even on complex patients. 

‘The Genesis CT Scanner is able to generate the best possible image quality with the lowest radiation dose of any CT scanner available today.’

The Genesis CT Scanner possesses ground breaking collimation technology, which allows the scanner to be used in a similar way to a conventional X-ray machine. The laser area finder allows Radiographers to set up for an orthopaedic scan without the patient lying down on the table, this allows for a faster and more relaxed patient experience.  The area finder also enables a reduction in radiation dose as the traditional two ‘scanograms’ are not required with this technique. 

‘The patient experience is one of spaciousness’

The unique Toshiba flared gantry design with a large 78cm aperture, means that even claustrophobic patients are more likely to be able to be scanned, as the patient experience is one of spaciousness. With the Toshiba ‘Lateral Assist’ table top being able to move from side to side, the patient experience is further enhanced as clinicians no longer need to manually handle the patient in to position as much as previously.

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth continues to invest in the latest technology to enhance patient experience and live up to the Hospital’s 5-star standards.  Recently the Hospital was rated the highest in the UK by a BUPA survey for overall standard of patient care.

To find out more information about the scanner or to book an appointment you can email us at info@hje.org.uk or call 0207 806 4000.