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Coronavirus Bulletin – the latest tips and advice from around the web [16 April]


Are you finding it hard to adapt to your new living circumstances? You’re not alone. All over the globe, people are scratching their heads trying to come to terms with a disrupted day-to-day existence.

From cooking our favourite meals to staying fit, the little things we took for granted now pose problems in a way we could never have imagined.

Luckily, we’re a resourceful bunch. Across the web, companies, charities, media outlets and individuals are sharing useful, interesting and inspiring advice to help us stay healthy and maximise our time behind closed doors.

Here’s our latest round-up of useful links…


Vaccine update

The race is on to create a vaccine that will help stop the spread of coronavirus but even with two of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies teaming up – GSK and Sanofi – it looks as though we’ll have to wait at least a year for something that’s available on a large scale.

At the time of writing, there are more than 20 vaccines being developed by teams across the globe. The BBC picks up the story and, in a separate article, asks are we getting closer to a solution?


Scam alert

It turns out opportunistic scammers have stolen millions from unsuspecting victims since the coronavirus outbreak began. From nuisance calls to doorstep deception, trickster texts to email scams, The Week rounds-up the latest media reports and provides links to useful advice from Ofcom and Which?.


Queen of the Rainbows

On a brighter note, if you’ve been using your daily exercise slot to take a leisurely stroll around your neighbourhood, you may have noticed rainbows being displayed in the windows of local homes and businesses. It’s a global phenomenon that started in Ipswich thanks to mum Crystal Stanley who “thought it would be a bit of fun” to create a Facebook group to encourage others to do the same. The Queen has since said the rainbows would be the symbol of the UK’s “national spirit” in the face of the pandemic.


Dealing with stress

As we’ve written previously, it’s perfectly natural to feel stressed by these uncertain times. There are things you can do to help yourself get on top of these feelings. The keys to good stress management are building emotional strength, being in control of your situation, having a good social network, and adopting a positive outlook. This informative NHS article details 10 stress-busting strategies including the importance of having ‘me time’ and working smarter, not harder.

One of the knock-on effects of life in lockdown is the toll it’s taking people’s ability to sleep properly. The Independent interviews several sleep experts before sharing their seven top tips for getting better kip.

Staying active

You’ve been told it’s important to keep active even though you’re stuck at home but that doesn’t mean you’re finding it easy to stay motivated. We know the feeling. That’s where technology comes in. A host of companies have created apps that essentially put a personal trainer in your pocket. If you’re happy to trade being shouted at for a few extra phone notifications, you’ll be on your way to a six-pack in no time. Wired tested four of the best apps and have shared the results.


Staying entertained

For quiz aficionados
Lots of people have found a great way to spice up their video call with family and friends is a good old pub quiz. One person asks the questions, the answers are submitted at the end of each round and you mark yourselves. If you’ve been designated quiz master and need to come up with a few questions, this article by Hobbylark has lots of clever ideas for taking your responsibilities to the next level.

For box-set bingers
Find yourself constantly scanning through the options on Netflix and unsure what to commit to next? Look no further than the Wired guide to the best shows on the world’s most popular streaming service; whatever your tastes, there’s a show for everyone.

For theatre lovers
Binged all the best TV? From live-streams of new plays to classics from the archive, the Guardian has rounded up some of the top shows now available online from the theatre and dance worlds.

For bookworms
In search of a little joy during these difficult times? Readers of the Guardian have shared their favourite uplifting books. If you’re looking for something to help you make sense of these times of uncertainty, PEN America has shared their favourite books on epidemics and disease.


In the kitchen

Perfected all those store cupboard staples that we wrote about last time around? Looking to expand your kitchen repertoire now that supermarket stock levels are back to normal? Jamie Oliver’s brilliantly accessible YouTube channel is great for beginners, has recipes for everything you can imagine and will even teach you how to perfect your knife skills.


Working from home

Lots of people thrust into a ‘work from home’ situation have complained that they aren’t as productive as they were in the office. Music, it turns out, could be a solution. The Guardian reports on the therapeutic benefits of the iso principle and provides a sample playlist to help you transition in and out of your flow.

If you find you have more free time than usual and fancy learning a new skill, you could always try coding. Code Academy offers free online classes or paid-for tuition from experts, setting you up with the skills you need to create websites and more.

For those who’ve always had a language itch to scratch, try Duolingo. Download the smart phone app for free and start perfecting any of 30 languages in bite-sized chunks.


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NHS coronavirus overview

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