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Professor Jian Farhadi

Qualifications: MD FMH(Plast)

Expertise: Reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery and surgery after weight loss

NHS: King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Adult/Paediatric: Adult



Professor Jian Farhadi is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery as well as surgery after weight loss. He was the past Director of the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, United Kingdom.

Professor Farhadi has an exclusive clinical focus on reconstructive breast surgery, aesthetic and corrective breast surgery. As a microsurgeon, he performs more than 160 microsurgical procedures per year. He has innovated a number of procedures over the years, e.g. the internal bra breast lift.

Professor Farhadi gained his medical degree at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and the University Pitié-Salpetriè in Paris, France. His general and plastic surgical residencies were completed in Switzerland
and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Professor Farhadi is actively involved in teaching and research. He is author of over 70 publications and several book chapters. Professor Farhadi also is co-director of the European Masters in Breast Surgery,
Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and Chairman of the London Breast Meeting.


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