Mr Talha Shawaf

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Mr Talha Shawaf

Qualifications: MB, ChB, FRCS (Ed), FRCOG

Expertise: Gynaecology, Reproductive Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology as in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Infertility and Menopause

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Telephone Number: 020 3837 3855

Email Address: caroline@drtalhashawaf.com
Alternative Email Address: talha@drtalhashawaf.com

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Consultant Biography

Dr Talha Shawaf of Harley Street Reproductive Medicine has extensive experience in reproductive medicine, with over 30 years as a consultant and 25 years as a specialist to his name. He specialises in providing personalised care to his patients, and is widely recognised as one of the leading fertility experts.

Using state of the art diagnostic, medical and surgical care, combined with Dr Shawaf’s matchless expertise and experience, we can deliver a plan of care which is tailored to your individual needs. With a holistic approach to treatment which is supported by close working relationships with a variety of highly regarded reproduction centres, and by collaboration with other consultant doctors within the field.

Dr Talha Shawaf ncan also provide you with both electronic and written information on a variety of clinical subjects to ensure that you have a full understanding of the treatments available and what they entail, and to enable you to make an informed decision.