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Dr Stephen Humble

Dr Stephen Humble

Dr Stephen Humble

Qualifications: MBChB, MSc, PhD, FCARCSI

Expertise: Joint pain (shoulder, Hip, Knee, ankle and other small joints), Spinal pain (neck and back), Headaches, Migraine, Tension type headache, Occipital neuralgia, Cervicogenic headache, Painful Trigger points (neck, shoulders and back), Painful peripheral neuropathy, Post chemotherapy pain in hands and feet, Diabetic neuropathy in hands and feet, Post herpetic neuralgia, Post surgery scar pain, Neuralgia pain after surgery, epidurals, facet joint injections, sacroiliac injections, radiofrequency treatment, the Racz procedure and Qutenza patch therapy

NHS: Imperial College NHS Trust

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Telephone Number: 020 3370 1030

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Consultant Biography

Dr Stephen Humble is a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Anaesthetics and Pain Medicine at Charing Cross Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London. He qualified in Medicine at the University of Aberdeen in 2000. He trained in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in Scotland and Australia respectively. In addition, he also completed a MSc in Pain Management from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 and a PhD in Neuroscience in 2012. His specialist interests include the management of neuropathic pain as well as local anaesthetic and steroid injections for joint pain and spinal pain.  Dr Humble has published numerous medical and scientific papers in high-level journals and spoken about his work at many conferences and meetings. Through his research he has adopted cutting edge techniques that are only performed by a small number of specialised doctors such as the Racz procedure, radiofrequency therapy for spinal pain and nerve entrapment syndromes, neuromodulation as well as capsaicin patch therapy for painful peripheral neuropathy.