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A word of welcome from the Chairman of the Board

Our Hospital, founded in 1856, is one of the country’s largest independent charity hospitals and the UK’s premier Catholic hospital. Our commitment to our patients is in the quality of our care, the range of our services, and the quality of our consultants and staff.  They are, we believe, the very best in their profession. Together we offer a welcome to all who visit us.

Our charitable status comes from our on site St John’s Hospice, which we fund with appeals and surplus from our private healthcare services. This in-patient, day care and community facility provides care, without charge, to people living within our wide catchment area and their families.

We take great pride in our heritage. The Catholic ethos which has been our inspiration since the Hospital was founded, assures patients of a commitment to care and compassion in the delivery of their healthcare. Our aim is the same now as it was over 165 years ago — to provide the highest quality healthcare for all those who seek it.

Sir Mark Allen,

– The Hospital Chairman

Why choose us

At St John & Elizabeth Hospital we are committed to providing the highest standards of patient care. Our continual investment programme ensures our Hospital maintains the facilities needed to stay at the forefront of medical technology, and we are proud to be the hospital of choice for leading London Consultants.
Our Facilities


In 2019 our wards underwent a £2.1 million ultra-modern refurbishment, providing patients with luxurious ensuite rooms, each fitted with a Bluetooth controlled air conditioning system, smart TVs and stylish fixtures & fittings. Meeting the highest requirements of infection prevention and environmental controls, the wards also include spacious new reception and seating areas.

HJE Consultants

Our Consultants

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital is renowned for its world class Consultants. Our Consultants cover the full range of specialties and are able to treat almost any medical condition. We’re proud to be the hospital of choice for London’s leading Consultants, who are committed to our values and our tradition of care and compassion.

St John's Hospice Funding

Our charity

As a registered charity, all profits from the Hospital help to fund our on-site Hospice St John’s, which provides free palliative care for more than 4500 patients and their families every year. Every time you visit the Hospital as a patient, you are directly supporting St John’s Hospice and helping us to continue our vital work in the community. 

Our history

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital was founded in 1856 under the care of the Sisters of Mercy, an order of nuns who pioneered the use of advanced nursing techniques to help the sick, the dying and the needy in the local community. Now, over 165 years later, the nuns have gone, but their ethos remains at the heart of what is regarded as a unique London hospital.

Our people

Andrew Holmes

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Holmes

Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Fox

Andrew Gallini

Chief Nursing Officer

Andrew Gallini

Paul Stanton

Director of People

Paul Stanton

Dr David Mitchell

Medical Director

Dr David Mitchell

Sally Green

Director of Clinical Services

Sally Green

A team of nurses

Develop your career with St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

Join a truly unique, charitable private Hospital located minutes from Central London with a tradition of excellence in care going back over 165 years. Situated in leafy St John’s Wood, we are at the heart of the community, with all profits funding our on-site Hospice.

Whilst delivering ultimate standards of care, we also provide a warm and caring place for staff to develop. Many of our staff have been with us for years and have become part of our family, making this a very special place to work.

Our policies

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017) covers all charities and businesses employing 250 or more employees and therefore applies to St John and St Elizabeth Hospital.

This Modern Slavery statement outlines the steps and activities that have been undertaken to identify the risk of potential modern slavery in our supply chain and business.

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