Fixed Price Self-Pay Packages

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Fixed Price Self-Pay Packages

We offer fixed price self-pay procedures as part of a package to ensure you receive transparent pricing and visibility of all costs before your treatment begins. The packages are designed to be clear and easy to understand to avoid any surprises following your treatment.

Where applicable all of our procedures include consultation fees, surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, a pre-operative assessment, the procedure itself and one post-operative consultation. Please note that these prices are for standard procedures only, more complex cases will be excluded by the consultant.

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Fixed Price Self-Pay Packages

When you choose to pay for your own treatment at a private hospital it can sometimes be confusing and leave you unsure of exactly how much your final bill will be. At The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth we have designed our fixed price self-pay packages to remove that element of doubt and ensure you have clear, concise pricing with a full overview of what your treatment includes.

As standard our fixed price self-pay packages include the following.

  • Consultation fee
  • Surgeon fee
  • Anaesthetist fee
  • Pre-operative assessment
  • Main procedure
  • 1 x Post-operative consultation

Please note: Some of our packages include overnight stays in hospital. This will be specified for the individual package and is included within the final price.

Please note: Our fixed prices are for standard procedures only, more complex cases will be excluded by the Consultant.

Our Specialist Units

Currently we offer fixed price self-pay packaging from the following specialist units based at the Hospital.

Why Choose Us

  • Leading Surgeons ensuring the highest standard of care
  • Expert units dedicated to their specialisation
  • State-of-the-art facilities ensuring shorter waiting times and more accurate diagnosis
  • Competitive pricing across all of our procedures
  • Located in leafy St John’s Wood, away from the noise and congestion of central London
  • All of our profits support our on site Hospice, St John’s