New State-Of-The-Art St Francis Ward Now Open

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We are delighted to announce the opening of the newly refurbished, state-of-the-art, St Francis Ward.

Our first patients were admitted to the ward on Wednesday morning following a successful launch event.

With Bluetooth controlled air conditioning and smart TVs, the rooms are fitted with stylish fixtures and fittings including dimmable light settings, quadruple glazed windows, spacious wet rooms and self flushing taps to reduce the risk of Pseudomonas.

Now that St Francis’ Ward is complete, St Elizabeth’s Ward will undergo a similar refurbishment, with work due to commence in mid August.

Each room is equipped with the very latest in bespoke design, meeting the highest requirements of infection and environmental controls for patients.

Features of the ward include clinical hand washing sinks incorporated in every patient room and innovative shower heads that change colour to indicate when cleaning is required.

We are excited about the improvement in both the quality and experience the ward will provide our patients and we would like to thank our Consultants and all staff for your flexibility during the refurbishment and for your continued support.

CEO Caroline Fox said, “We are so pleased to re open St Francis Ward and be in a position to offer our patients a more comfortable stay in an environment that meets our patients’ expectations. The HJE 2020 development brings together sleek functional design and environmentally friendly building to continue the hospitals historic legacy into the future.”

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