New pedCAT scanner soon to be available

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The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth has become the first British private hospital to install the specialist 3D pedCAT scanner, a CT for the foot & ankle.

Based at the London Foot & Ankle Centre, the pedCAT scanner enables weight bearing ultra low dose CT scans of both feet simultaneously, in either standing or seated positions, in under a minute or partial single foot in 20 seconds.

The full 3D volume is ready to view in less than three minutes.  It also has advanced viewing and planning software to get unobstructed views of the foot and ankle from any angle.  It also has the ability to rotate and navigate the 3D data and make exact measurements as well as viewing unobstructed slices in multiple planes including sag, axial and coronal.

London Foot & Ankle Centre

London Foot & Ankle Centre is an internationally renowned clinic, attracting patients from around the world and working with Premier League football clubs, UK Athletics and many more elite sports people. The centre was founded in 2003 by world-renowned surgeon, Mr Mark Davies, to improve treatment standards by creating a service concentrating wholly upon the foot and ankle.

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To book a pedCAT scan or to book a foot & ankle appointment, contact London Foot & Ankle Centre by phone on 0207 965 7572  or email us on

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For more of our imaging services, London Imaging at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth is a cutting edge digital facility providing state-of-the-art technology that ensures our patients are offered the very best in modern imaging.

We work continuously to improve and expand our services, investing in the most current equipment and technology, delivering outstanding imaging services which minimise the time between diagnosis and treatment.

Our Image Exchange Portal is now up and running, let the imaging team know if you need to get scans from other Hospitals so that this can be arranged.

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