Mr David Sweetnam

Mr David Sweetnam

Mr David Sweetnam

Qualifications: MBBS, FRCS, FRCS (Orth), Dip Sports Med

Expertise: Surgery of the Knee, Sports Injuries, Arthritis

NHS: Whittington Health

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Telephone Number: 020 7483 5449

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Mr David Sweetnam



As a specialist in the diagnosis and management of orthopaedic knee conditions, Mr David Sweetnam’s primary objective is to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Many of his patients are professional sports people and athletes competing at national and international level. Others, who lead busy lives in the world of finance, the media, politics and the arts, enjoy active leisure pursuits.  Like you, their schedules are full and their time is precious. That’s why, within a week of your initial consultation, his priority will be to arrive at a full diagnosis of your condition and outline a working plan for your treatment.

In Mr David Sweetnam’s experience, at least 85% of all patients with knee conditions will not require surgery. By investing time with you at the outset and using the most appropriate diagnostic routes, he looks for solutions where surgery is the last resort. Where surgery is unavoidable, such as with a torn cartilage or ruptured cruciate ligament, minimally invasive techniques developed over the last 15 years will be used. Similarly with the treatment of arthritic conditions, the most suitable form of joint replacement is chosen from partial through to total replacement, again using minimal access surgery where possible.

Thanks to the wealth of information available via the internet and elsewhere, many patients arrive at a consultation with some knowledge of the main knee disorders. Whether or not this is the case, he will always work with you to make sure you understand the full nature of your condition and the range of options available for treatment, surgical or otherwise.

Whatever the diagnosis and treatment plan, the rehabilitation solution can be tailored to your work commitments and provided as locally to you as possible, to minimise the disruption to your schedule and restore your quality of life.