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Accommodation & Facilities

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Accommodation & Facilities

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth is truly unique; offering the highest quality private care to patients.

We have an extensive range of specialist outpatient clinics,  and over 60 patient beds in single rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom.

We have over 600 doctors and can treat almost any illness on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Additionally, our urgent care centre Casualty First offers treatment for minor injuries and illnesses on a walk in basis.

Our Hospital has five fully equipped operating theatres. Patients can also be reassured by the fact that in our latest audit we had zero cases of MRSA.

A continual investment programme ensures that our Hospital maintains the facilities needed to stay at the front of medical technology and achieve the highest levels of individual patient care.

All our profits fund our on-site Hospice, St John’s, which treats over 3,000 terminally ill patients and their families each year.

While helping the Hospice, our private patients can rest assured that they are being treated by some of the finest Hospital Consultants and nurses in the world, in luxury surroundings with state-of-the-art facilities.

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, in London’s St Johns Wood was founded in 1856, and is the country’s largest independent charity hospital.

Both the Hospital and the Hospice share one ethos: to provide the highest quality health care for all those who seek it.


Hospital Features

Accommodation Facilities on site CT MRI Scanner

On-site CT and MRI scanners for looking deep inside the body.

Accommodation Facilities kidney stones

High-energy surgical lasers for removing kidney stones.

Accommodation Facilities pressure chamber

A pressure chamber for treating patients with complex tissue disorders, carbon monoxide poisoning and diving injuries.

Accommodation Facilities operating theatres with laminar flow

Operating theatres with the latest “laminar flow” systems which suck clean air through the room to reduce the risk of infection.

Accommodation Facilities intensive care beds

Three adult intensive care beds for treating the sickest patients.

Coming into Hospital

We recognise that for everyone coming into hospital it can be a stressful and an unnerving experience. At the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth we are committed to the welfare of all our patients and you will find all staff will work hard to ensure your stay with us is a positive experience.

Facilities accommodation

Quality Assurance

At the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth we have a robust governance framework that is committed to maintaining the hospital’s high standards. In ‘High Quality Care for ALL’ Lord Darzi explained that quality exists in three domains: patient safety, effectiveness of care and patient experience.