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160 years of compassion and excellence supporting St. John's Hospice

A Word Of Welcome From The Chairman Of The Board

A Word Of Welcome From The Chairman Of The Board

Founded in 1856, the Hospital is one of the country’s largest independent charity Hospitals and the UK’s premier Catholic Hospital. We pride ourselves on the quality of our care, our range of services and the quality of our consultants and staff, who we believe to be the very best in their profession.

Although we provide acute private healthcare services, our charitable status is based on the fact that we utilise surplus funds to run St John’s Hospice, located within the grounds of the Hospital. This inpatient, day care and community facility provides care, without charge, to people living within our wide catchment area.

Both the Hospital and the Hospice take great pride in their heritage, and especially in the Catholic ethos upon on which they were founded which assures patients of a commitment to care and compassion in the delivery of their healthcare. The aim of both institutions is the same now as it was over 160 years ago — to provide the highest quality health care for all those who seek it.

Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB LVO OBE DL,
– The Hospital Chairman

Our Values


Be responsible to our community in which we live and work, by maintaining and managing an infrastructure that protects the environment and natural resources through competent management, whose actions are just and equitable.


Be committed to providing for the future, by maintaining reasonable prices in order to make a fair surplus, securing funding from an increased range of sources to meet current service requirements and enable future service developments, and by striving to reduce costs, thus allowing us to support the good work of our main charitable beneficiary, St John’s Hospice.


Be responsible to our customers and staff for the safe delivery of high quality healthcare services through effective and efficient administration, robust risk management and governance principles, delivered by staff who are valued as individuals, treated with respect and dignity, and with a caring, compassionate ethos.


Be committed to continuously improving our systems and services, to ensure that they are appropriate to support decision-making and provide a simple interface with our customers.


We will strive to create a welcoming, peaceful and personal atmosphere of care in all of our services.

"All profits from the Hospital fund St John's Hospice, keeping its vital services running, which provide free care for over 3,000 terminally ill patients and their families each year."

Steve Barnes - Hospice Director

Our People

Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Fox

Andrew Gallini

Chief Nursing Officer

Andrew Gallini

Medical Director and Responsible Officer

David Mitchell

Director of Marketing & Fundraising

Mark Thomas

Director of HR

Paul Stanton

Hospice Director

Steve Barnes

Alison Newman

Director of Governance & Risk Management

Alison Newman

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Holmes

Board of Trustees

Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB LVO OBE DL

Sir Mark Allen
Mr Charles Fitzherbert
Prof Margaret Johnson
Mrs Monica Kerr
Mr Robert Marston
Mr Jonathan Scherer
Mr Julian Schild
Bishop John Wilson
Mr William Wells
Mr Simon Lawless
Ms Alda Andreotti